Ayatul Kursi in Gold Wooden Frame

Ayatul Kursi Metal Plate in Gold hand carved wooden Frame

Ayatul Kursi Gold Vintage Frame

Ayatul Kursi Metal Plate in a Gold Vintage Frame with boarder 

Ayatul Kursi In Silver Frame

Ayatul Kursi in Metal Silver Plate in  warm Silver Frame and Boarder 

The Meaning Behind it

Ayaul Kursi

Ayatul Kursi is one of the most significant verses in the Quran, and it is often recited by Muslims all over the world. The verse is believed to possess immense power and protection, and it is considered a highly effective tool for warding off evil and negative energies. Ayatul Kursi frames are a popular way to display this powerful verse in homes and offices. These frames often feature beautiful calligraphy and intricate designs, making them not only a symbol of faith but also a stunning piece of art. The meaning of Ayatul Kursi in English is "The Throne Verse," and it speaks about the greatness and power of Allah. It is a reminder of the importance of faith and the protection that comes from seeking Allah's guidance and blessings. Ayatul Kursi frames serve as a constant reminder of this powerful verse and its significance in the lives of Muslims.

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